In this episode of Solution Spotlight Traci Purdum, executive editor of Chemical Processing, speaks with Floyd Baker, vice president of Antea, a global software and services company specializing in asset integrity management software with digital twin. 

Floyd has been working in the asset integrity management industry for his entire career of over 40 years, with half of that time spent on the owner user side and the other half on services and technology. 

No longer a warm-fuzzy concept, sustainability is increasingly becoming as good for the bottom line as it is for the environment. To explain how AI-driven solutions that target machine and process health can help with strategy and results, Chemical Processing spoke with James Newman, head of product and portfolio marketing with Augury, a production health solutions provider that combines advanced sensors with AI capabilities and human expertise.

For corrosion-resistant heat-transfer materials in harsh and high-temperature processes, there are additional requirements to consider. To help explain existing and emerging technologies to meet specific process and plant conditions, Chemical Processing spoke with Gregory C. Becherer, senior vice president of Twinsburg, Ohio-based CG Thermal.

Safety, accuracy and reliability are paramount in the development and testing of fine and specialty chemicals. Add to that the need for regulatory compliance, and it becomes clear that proper tools are needed. To understand how lab instruments can complement the process, Chemical Processing spoke with Mitesh Chhana, Regional Business Manager Lab Weighing, EMEA, at Sartorius, a provider of instruments and services for the biopharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

When it comes to machine maintenance, digital tools promise a lot — from improving safety, meeting production targets and eliminating unplanned downtime to filling skill gaps and regulating supply-chain issues. But simply alerting users to machine malfunctions isn't enough to transform your business. To gain insight, Chemical Processing spoke with Tim Sykes, heavy industry machine health lead at Augury, a machine health solutions provider that combines advanced sensors with AI capabilities and human expertise.

Supply-chain issues, global competition and the need to deliver high-quality products are challenges facing many chemicals manufacturers today. To meet these challenges, you must keep track of inventory, improve operations, make better products and drive smart, sustainable growth. It’s a tall order but the right tools will help.

Utilizing maintenance data to make key business decisions results in improved equipment reliability, optimized costs, improved safety, and environmental impacts. However, there are many challenges due to a lack of know-how, resources, and data quality issues.

To understand and mitigate those challenges, Chemical Processing spoke with Manjish Naik, Product Manager at GE Digital.

Efficient conveying solutions that protect workers from hazardous dust, fumes and odors.

Grabbing samples of hazardous chemicals in liquid and gas states is challenging but necessary. Manufacturers rely on quality samples to ensure products specs and operators rely on this equipment to help them grab those samples. But not all sampling platforms are the same.

Solution promises to reduce sensor maintenance, improve process performance, and ensure a safe work environment in the chlor-alkali industry.

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